Waka Waka EA MQ4 Source Code Unlimited

$ 24

Waka Waka EA MQ4 is an advanced grid trading system. The system is designed to exploit market inefficiencies and has a live track record of stable trading. It supports multiple currency pairs and can be used on a M15 timeframe. The EA should be attached to only one chart, preferably AUDCAD. It is recommended to use a good ECN broker and run the EA on a VPS continuously. The EA has various risk settings and lot sizing methods. It also has options for hedging, trading on holidays, and setting maximum drawdown. The strategy uses Bollinger Bands and RSI for filtering trades. The grid settings include trade distance, smart distance, and trade multipliers. Other features include trade comments, info panel, and the ability to set “only long” or “only short” on specific pairs. The latest update includes enhancements such as disabling trades on the same side of a currency, displaying the next grid’s price and volume, and calculating levels from the initial trade. It also fixes issues with the news filter and adds a new backup URL for news and GMT detection.