H.I.A.P.E 3.0 A.V.I (Adaptive Volatility Identifier) Final 2023 MT4

$ 14

H.I.A.P.E 3.0 A.V.I (Adaptive Volatility Identifier) is a highly adaptive system that will manage account based on active market conditions, uses advanced machine learning technology ,work on platform Meta Trader 4, trading any currency pairs. H.I.A.P.E 3.0 A.V.I will execute trades within the london session and 8 hours into the session. After the U.S. trading session is over. The Expert Advisor will not allow any new trades but it will still manage the old ones. Which reduces risk account. The EA fully automated system, it will identify all of the above and learn from the immediate changes in the markets. When target is hit, all trades will close and the algo will disable itself.